DATE 2015.8.11
Product News | Introducing New Product - Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

PROVA 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter can accurately measure 1-phase and 3-phase Transformer/VT/CT turns ratio, Excitation current, Phase angle and Deviation.  Its measurement range is quite wide (from 0.8:1 to 10000:1), and the best accuracy is 0.1%.


PROVA 1660 is light, portable and easy to use.  Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery it can continuously work for 10 hours or more.  Users just need to follow the graphical and literal illustration of LCD display to make winding connection.  If the transformer is live with voltage or the winding connection is wrong, PROVA 1660 will warn users.  Also, PROVA 1660 can store 4096 files of measurement data, and they can be transferred to a PC via wireless Blue Tooth.


Transformer is a very important element in the electric power distribution system.  It needs to be timely maintained.  With PROVA 1660 users can ensure the correct turns ratio and quality of the transformer, then the operation of the power distribution system can be further guaranteed.









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