prova|ProcessDMM (DMM + Multifunction Calibrator)

PROVA 131ProcessDMM (DMM + Multifunction Calibrator)

- Source 4~20mA loop current
- Source: 0~100mV, 0~1.000V, 0~12.000V
- Measure: DC mA, mV, V, Ω, Frequency (duty cycle), Diode, Continuity and temperature (°C, °F)
- Measure: AC (True RMS) mA, mV, V.
- Calibrate/Measure temperature of 11 types of thermocouples
prova|Multifunction Calibrator + Function Generator

PROVA 133Multifunction Calibrator + Function Generator

- Source 4~20 mA loop Current
- Simulate 4~20 mA transmitter
- Source: mA, V, Hz, sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, truncated sine wave, user programmable waveform and temperature.
- Measure: Current (mA), Voltage (mV, V), and temperature (°C, °F)
prova|4-20mA Loop Calibrator + Thermometer

PROVA 1354-20mA Loop Calibrator + Thermometer

■ 4-20mA, 0-24mA with 1uA resolution
■ Basic accuracy 0.025%
■ 0-24V with 1mV resolution
■ 1 to 20KHz square wave output with programmable duty cycle
■ Measurement of DC mA, DC V and temperature (11 types of thermocouple selection)
prova|Documenting Multifunction Calibrator

PROVA iCalDocumenting Multifunction Calibrator

- Unique mapping function let you calibrate temperature or voltage directly
- Source: mA, V, Hz, sine/square/triangular waves, truncated sine wave, user programmable waveform and temperature for 11-type thermocouples
- Measure: mA, V, mV and ℃/℉
prova|4-20mA Loop Calibrator

PROVA 1004-20mA Loop Calibrator

- 4-20mA (1KΩ load, 24V loop supply) with 1μA resolution
- DC current basic accuracy: 0.025%±5μA
- DC voltage: 0-24V output
- 0-20mA, 0-24mA selectable
- Auto step, Auto ramp and Easy step functions