PROVA 1354-20mA Loop Calibrator + Thermometer

■ 4-20mA, 0-24mA with 1uA resolution
■ Basic accuracy 0.025%
■ 0-24V with 1mV resolution
■ 1 to 20KHz square wave output with programmable duty cycle
■ Auto ramp and auto step for mA and V output
■ Easy fixed 25% up and down or programmable percentage (%) increase and decrease (mA, V)
■ Measurement of DC mA, DC V and temperature
■ 11 types of thermocouple selection
■ Very high precision temperature measurement with 0.1 degree C /0.1 degree F resolutions
■ Measuring DC mA with Loop Power (24V output)
■ Source and Measure at the same time