Clamp Meters

PROVA A5+AC/DC TRMS Pocket Size Clamp Meter

1. Best resolution of AC 0.1mA, DC 1mA, and wide range of AC/DC 400A

2. AC 200.0mA/4.000A/40.00A/400A, DC 4.000A/40.00A/400.0A.

3. Accurate and solid AC/DC mini pocket-size clamp meter

4. Best accuracy ±2%±3dgts for all ranges

5. True RMS measurement

6. One touch zero (Δ) for DCA adjustment.

7. 25 mm diameter jaws.

8. Non-Contact Frequency Measurement (min. sensitivity 0.03 ACA)

9. Sensitivity for 50/60Hz is AC0.01A typical at 200mA range

10. In-Rush Current Measurement with 100mS integration time

11. Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Detection from 80V to 600V at 50/60Hz

12. Low Pass Filter (LPF) at 1 KHz Cut-off Frequency

13. Data Hold function, Maximum and Minimum Functions.

14. Large 3 3/4 digits LCD.

15. Fast bar graph display (30 times/sec.) for transient observation.

16. 15 minutes auto-power-off with beeping warning before turning off

17. Backlight with 5 minutes of auto-backlight-off

18. Easy single rotary switch for any function selection.

19. Ideal for works in crowded switch box or cable areas.