PROVA 830Portable Color Paperless Recorder

Can work as Multi-input thermometer or Paperless recorder

5.7” Color TFT LCD (320 x 240) with backlight

8-input temperature measurement/logging (/)

Color graphic display of 8 curves at the same time

Display of max and min values for each input

Selection of 11 types of thermocouple

Easy socket for thermocouple mini connector

Basic accuracy 0.1% ± 1 (K type)

Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with timers when out of HI-LO limits

Sampling rate 8 inputs / 1 second

28 hour recording with Lithium battery of 3400mAH

Standard 2G SD memory card (stores 3.8-year of data)

SD card directly read by PC

Easy data file management (Read and Delete functions)

Built-in calendar clock

Accept analog outputs from instruments

Independent input setup (type of thermocouple, Hi-Lo alarm values, name of Engineering Unit)

Isolated input protection of 350Vp-p between any two inputs

Programmable Engineering Unit (E.U.) to integrate analog output (-60 to 60 mV) from instruments (e.g. Sound level meter, Humidity meter, Current adaptor)

Screen hardcopy into bit map files for easy documentation

Ready to use package (thermocouples, SD card, and battery)

Digital and analog (bargraph) data display

Statistics data (Histogram) for easy analysis

Easy curves manipulation (hide or display selected curves)