Clamp Meters


High resolution AC/DC 10 mA current measurement (

AC/DC current measurement: 40A/ 400A.

AC/DC voltage measurement: 4V/ 40V/ 400V/ 1000V.

True RMS measurement of AC current and voltage.

Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance and Temperature ( or ) measurement.

Auto and full ranges: V, A, Resistance, Capacitance and Temperature.

One Touch Zero for DCA adjustment.

25mm large jaw diameter.

AC/DC current accuracy ±1%±3dgts (<100A).

AC/DC voltage accuracy ±0.5%±2dgts.

Resistance accuracy ±0.8%±2dgts (40/ 400/ 4K/ 40K/ 400K/ 4000K/ 40MΩ).

Capacitance accuracy ±0.8%±3dgt (40n/ 400n/ 4u/ 40u/ 400u/ 4m/ 40mF).

Temperature (, fixed at the factory) best accuracy ±0.5%±0.5 (-200.0 to 1300).

Temperature (, fixed at the factory) best accuracy ±0.5%±0.9 (-328.0 to 2372).

Auto-power-off function (15 minutes).

Continuity test.


Maximum, minimum, and hold functions.

600V overload protection for ohm measurement.

Ideal for works in crowded switch box or cable areas.