Clamp Meters


AC/DC current measurement: 40.00A/ 400.0A/ 2000A.

True RMS measurement of AC current and voltage.

Auto and full ranges: V, A, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, Capacitance, Micro Current and Temperature.  With AI intelligence, the attributes and ranges of Resistance, Continuity, Diode, Capacitance can be automatically determined.

One Touch Zero for DCA adjustment.

55mm large jaw diameter.

Low Pass Filter (LPF) at 1 KHz (-3dB) Cut-off Frequency

Fast bar graph display (30 times/sec.) for transient observation.

Large 3 3/4 digits LCD.

In-Rush (INR) Current Measurement with 100mS integration time.

AC/DC voltage accuracy: ±0.5%±2dgts (4/ 40/ 400/ 1000V)

AC/DC uA current accuracy: ±0.5%±2dgts (400.0uA/ 4000uA)

Resistance accuracy: ±0.8%±2dgts (40/ 400/ 4K/ 40K/ 400K/ 4000K/ 40MΩ)

Capacitance accuracy: ±0.8%±3dgts (4n/ 40n/ 400n/ 4u/ 40u/ 400u/ 4m/ 40mF)

Temperature measurement: either or fixed at factory (once chosen it can not be changed afterwards)

Temperature (fixed at the factory) best accuracy: ±0.5%±0.5(-200.0 ~ 1300)

Temperature (fixed at the factory) best accuracy: ±0.5%±0.9(-328.0 ~ 2372)

Auto-power-off function (15 minutes).

Continuity test and Diode Measurement.

Maximum, minimum and hold functions.

600V overload protection for ohm / capacitance measurement.