PROVA 800Multi-Input Thermometer/Datalogger

Analysis for thermal profile and thermal distribution.

8 input temperature measurement/data logging (/)

Graphic display of overall trend for each input

4.5” STN LCD (240 x 128) with backlight

Selection of 11 types of thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, N,…)

Easy operation by plugging in mini connector

Basic accuracy 0.1% ± 1 (K type)

Programmable Hi-Lo alarm for each input with timer to record duration.

Display of max and min values for each input

Sampling Rate 8 Inputs / 1 second

Integrate analog output from instruments (e.g. sound level, humidity meter, 4-20mA transmitter).

Standard 2G SD memory card (stores 3.8-year data)

Optional 8G SDHC memory card

Built-in calendar clock

Screen hardcopy into files

Paperless Recorder

Ready to use package