Clamp Meters

PROVA 2020/2020HAC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter

AC/DC current measurement: 400.0A/ 2000A

True RMS measurement of AC current and voltage

Auto and full ranges: V, A, Resistance, Capacitance and Temperature.

One Touch Zero for DCA adjustment

55mm large jaw diameter

Low Pass Filter (LPF) at 1 KHz (-3dB) Cut-off Frequency

Fast bar graph display (30 times/sec.) for transient observation

Large 3 3/4 digits LCD

In-Rush (INR) Current Measurement with 100mS integration time

AC/DC voltage accuracy: ±0.5%±2dgts (4/ 40/ 400/ 1000V)

(PROVA 2020H only) DC uA current accuracy: ±0.5%±2dgts (400.0uA/ 4000uA)

Resistance accuracy: ±0.8%±2dgts (40/ 400/ 4K/ 40K/ 400K/ 4000K/ 40MΩ)

Capacitance accuracy: ±0.8%±3dgts (40n/ 400n/ 4u/ 40u/ 400u/ 4m/ 40mF)

Temperature measurement: either or fixed at factory (once chosen it can not be changed afterwards)

Temperature (fixed at the factory) best accuracy: ±0.5%±0.5(-200.0 ~ 1300)

Temperature (fixed at the factory) best accuracy: ±0.5%±0.9(-328.0 ~ 2372)

Auto-power-off function (15 minutes)

Continuity test and Diode Measurement

Maximum, minimum and hold functions

600V overload protection for ohm / capacitance measurement