Micro Ohmmeters

PROVA 710Micro-Ohmmeter

10A (60mΩ) max. test current

Best resolution 1μΩ

Basic accuracy 0.25%

Four terminal Kelvin measurement

Manual or Auto Range

Measurement of resistive and inductive materials

Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with memory of 20 data

Readings Hold function

Cable length measurement (Meter or Feet)

Memory of 3,000 measurement data

Large LCD (5-digit) with backlight

Rechargeable lithium battery and AC adaptor

Low battery (voltage) alarm

Low power consumption

Communicate with PC via RS232C (to USB bridge) cable.

Built-in calendar clock

Built-in battery charging circuit

Application: Coil resistance of electric motor; Contact resistance of switch and relay; Resistance of bus bar, breaker, fuse, inductance and shunt; etc.